Saturday, 12 December 2009

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hi-ho, Dino!

You know, the question of how Creationists deal with the fossil evidence of things like dinosaurs is one of those obvious questions to which I've never given much thought. I suppose I assumed that either a Creationist would just go into denial mode (the fossils are a lie) or would attempt to come up with some fairly sophisticated explanation. I never even thought that the idea of humans strapping a saddle to a dinosaur's back would come into the equation. It makes perfect sense: the world was created for humans, dinosaurs existed, and therefore dinosaurs existed for humans. In a time before horses, they provided a mode of transportation.
Um, what? Surely that's not the best they can come up with? That's more in line with a cheesy 1950's B-movie than a seriously-held belief. Okay, I can understand that the Creationist Museum shown in the photo is serving a purpose: a place where Creationist parents can take their dinosaur-obsessed kids for a fun day out. It won't necessarily represent the cutting-edge (!) of Creationist belief. But even so: if this is so far removed from Creationist belief about dinosaurs, why not just take your kids to a standard museum and explain why it's wrong?